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Lite Energy is a leader in custom lighting designs. With their innovative and functional designs they lead by example by introducing the epsAlume family. 8 different series of fixtures: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle are all offered in pendant, cluster, sconce, ADA sconce and close-to-ceiling models.

Each of them will be able to solve unique lighting challenges for a wide range of large and small scale interior environments. All models cover a design range of sleek, classic, elegant and contemporary lines enhancing any interior decors and creating a distinct ambiance within the architectural space. The epsAlume family is ideal for diverse applications such as shopping malls, offices, lobbies, libraries, banquet halls, boardrooms gymnasiums and showrooms.

Benefits of using a epsAlume fixture are numerous. While the luminous diffuser creates a soft illumination, the indirect lighting provided by the epsAlume family provides maximum visual comfort to occupants. This family also offers a variety of mounting options allowing any interior designers to combine different models while keeping a uniform look throughout the environment. A rigid construction and a spun and fabricated housing assure the durability of the product.

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by all these families to help your customers solve unique lighting challenges