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Exterior Lighting

145 King Street

Being able to accommodate very specific design requirements is what sets Lite Energy apart from other manufacturers. Knowing that, the architect of this downtown office building came to us with a few conceptual drawings and some unique challenges.

The concepts called for a javelin-style exterior wall luminaire. We were tasked with incorporating certain design features that matched the architectural details of the building itself. The architect also did not want any visible fasteners to appear on the street-level luminaries. Each of the 27 units had to be manufactured in different heights to accommodate the varying street elevations.

Working from these specifications we designed and built decorative features that matched the architectural details of the building. The post of each luminaire was also specially constructed to hide the building’s drainage features that were cut into the granite walls.

To complement the outdoor luminaires, we manufactured 8 indoor post-top units that are visible from outside of the building.

The luminaries were finished with a Duranar® five-stage paint process for longevity, and they still look as new as the day they were installed.