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Lobby Lighting

Corporate Head Office (L-31820)

This well-established firm has a history of design and wanted to make a bold statement with its own office lighting. The architect working on the project was adamant about working directly with the manufacturer and knew Lite Energy as the supplier of choice.Based on the client’s sketches and taking cues from the space, we designed and manufactured a 14-square foot pendant luminance combining various materials and finishes. Polished metal downlight cubes were paired with faux alabaster acrylic panels for a striking mix of classic and modern styles.The entire structure is suspended by stainless steel aircraft cables and uses a combination of T5HO and MH PAR lamps for direct and accent illumination.Due to its size, the pendant structure was shipped in sub-assemblies and re-assembled on site.The client was so pleased with the final product that they asked Lite Energy to manufacture additional architectural lighting for their lobby concourse area.