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Place of Worship

New Birth Church

In addition to our custom designs Lite Energy offers a wide selection of standard products. These products are often used as a starting point, and are then modified to fit a certain look. Many can be found in our Alphalume catalog.

In the case of this church, the architect selected several of our existing pendant luminaire drawings and then proceeded to develop his own designs.

After collaborating on a series of revisions, several different sizes of pendants were produced, ranging from 24 to 72 square inches. Using the pendants for inspiration, we also assisted in designing matching wall sconces.

The luminaire bodies were constructed of brushed aluminum with an anodized finish. Decorative lenses were supplied in a beige faux alabaster color that complemented the church’s décor.

To ensure even light distribution and eliminate any shadows on the bowls, we used a strategically located combination of low wattage H.I.D. and compact fluorescent light sources.

For this large-scale project we manufactured over 150 different units of varying sizes to complete the lighting needs of the church.