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National Archives Building (L-35062)

For some applications, like the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., only a completely customized solution will fit.As the theater is located below-grade, the architect wanted to eliminate the feeling of being confined underground. The idea was to create a skylight effect, and Lite Energy was selected to meet this challenge.The unique curvature and downward slope of the room, as well as various technical requirements, demanded a sophisticated lighting solution. Working closely with the architect, we designed an illuminated ceiling system.The suspended ceiling consisted of four rows, covering an area of 28 feet x 75 feet. Each row was made up of nine panels, which followed the curve of the seating layout. Each of these panels consisted of nine illuminated modules with regressed lens frames for a total of 324 modules of varying sizes.In addition to the lighting components, the panels also had to accommodate audio speakers and concealed latches for lamp maintenance. Being able to deliver this level of customization is our specialty.Due to the complexity of the solution, the rows had to be shipped in a specific sequence to ensure they aligned properly when installed. To meet this need we coordinated our production and shipping to ensure trouble-free installation for our client.