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Trading Floor

Bank Trading Floor

For their open concept environment, this major bank wanted a practical yet distinctive lighting solution. With a basic design in mind, they began the project with another manufacturer who offered stock lighting products.

The performance of the products they chose proved to be problematic. Instead of uniform coverage, the lighting was inconsistent. The engineers working on the project came to Lite Energy for a solution.

After examining the space, we recommended a different approach: using a series of fluorescent lamps on dimmers. As time was a factor, the lighting engineers asked to see a prototype. We built a mock-up and demonstrated the superior uniformity of our new design. It was approved and full production began immediately.

Each of the 10 foot by 10 foot panels were equipped with a total of 16 lamps; six on each side and four along the bottom. The large sections, which featured a tapered “lobster tail” design, were suspended from the ceiling with aircraft cables.

In addition to the primary luminaires, we also manufactured 32 barrel-style lighting units to complete the lighting requirements of the trading floor.

The luminaires were too large for the building’s doorways, so we arranged to ship them in sub-assemblies and sent a crew to put them together on site.